About Us


ACES "Advanced Communication Electronic Systems" is a Joint Stock company (S.A.E) owned by Egyptian investors. ACES was founded last in 2012. ACES is working as a light current contractor and system integrator offering Integrated Systems in the various electronic and electrical light current solutions; including Security, Sound Systems, Audio Visual, Lighting & Telecommunications Systems..


We collect our team with high experience & quality for perfect development and installation. ACES has a group of skilled engineers, with minimum 10 years’ experience in light current fields, coming from different high profile companies, both local and international, which considered as leaders in light current solutions Market, looking for a new age of Telecommunications and electronic Market in Egypt based on strategies that respect fair competency & Efficiency. You can depend on our technical...


ACES’ Vision aims to” Engineer our customers’ requirements turning them into efficiently working Integrated Light Current Systems”; to achieve that we provide one place to design, supply , install, Commissioning, training & after sales support for all light current systems package. We would be easily able to do so supported by our team experience in huge projects in Egypt including